Welcome to SST’23 in Hanover!

SST’23, the 11th International Workshop on Software and Systems Traceability, is coming to Hannover! We are very happy to announce that SST’23 will be hosted by RE 2023 and that we will be able to dedicate a whole day to inspiring talks, technical demonstrations, engaging discussions, and many other activities.

The mission of SST’23 is to provide opportunities for the entire community to meet and exchange ongoing work as well as current developments in the field. The workshop will be highly interactive, with short paper presentations about ongoing and early work, a keynote, and many possibilities for exchange and networking. SST’23 will instil a renewed sense that the topics of Software and Systems Traceability continue to be relevant, that there are many groups in the world contributing to the state of the art, and that there are many interesting opportunities to collaborate across groups. It will be a networking event in which dormant collaborations can be rekindled and new ones formed. It will also be an opportunity for young researchers to get to know the community – an opportunity many of them did not have during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to present ongoing and early work as well as tools which are currently being developed. Presentations, discussions, demos, and keynotes as well as a workshop dinner for all attendees are going to round out the program.

The SST’23 team is looking forward to welcoming you in wonderful Hanover!